Goodbye skeuomorph. Hello flat.

I’ve never been a fan of the skeuomorphic web design. However I believe that it was a required stage which digital design had to work it’s way through. It allowed people to become comfortable with the ever increasing speed at which our lives where becoming digitalised. It allowed users to become accustomed to their diary no longer being a physical item, or their books not actually being stacked on top of one and other.

The speed hasn’t slowed but from Yosemite's appearance it looks as though Apple are now happy to accept that people are used to using digital devices, they don’t need to be tricked into thinking the button they are pushing is actually there — they’ve gone flat.

Apple have taken iOS 7's flat, transparent design and brought it to OS X. I for one am very pleased that at long last the two OS’s are now becoming more aligned. I think the simple design of both iOS 7 and Yosemite push usability and accessibility to the forefront of the design ethos.

Apple always create design trends, they made skeuomorphism cool and endless designers emulated them. Likewise flat design has exploded as a style over the last 12 months. Just take a look through the many sites on , you’ll be hard pushed to find a dropshadow or a gloss finished button.